What is caulking?

"The rubber part at the joints of the exterior wall" is caulking.


Caulking refers to the process of filling the joints and gaps around sashes and exterior wall materials. (The material used is also called caulking material.)


Although we cannot see the changes, the exterior walls also expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity.


Caulking is a very important part of protecting your home, preventing rainwater from entering the house and acting as a cushion to reduce the strain on the house when shaking occurs due to earthquakes, etc. It follows various movements of the exterior wall and maintains airtightness and waterproofing.

Specialty Orton Exceed

No matter how good the paint you use on the exterior walls, if the caulking material does not last long enough, you may need to have repairs done again.
There are many different types of caulking material. You want to use one that will last longer so you can live in your home for a long time.
That's why Nuri-Kaeru is proposing "Auton Exceed."
Ordinary caulking materials maintain their flexibility thanks to "plasticizers." However, over time, the "plasticizers" leak out and harden, causing cracks and stains.
"Auton Exceed" does away with the "plasticizers" that cause deterioration, and by incorporating the polymer diluent "LS Polymer,"
we have succeeded in giving long-lasting flexibility to caulking that tends to harden.

Ingredients of the durable sealant "Orton Exceed"

Counterattack and additional hit

Just as exterior walls deteriorate over time, caulking also deteriorates due to external influences such as ultraviolet rays and rainwater. As deterioration progresses, there is a risk of leaks, so repairs are essential. At Nuukaeru, we suggest "replacing" or "adding more" depending on the degree of deterioration.
"Replacing" refers to removing all of the existing caulking and applying new caulking material. In contrast, "adding more" is a repair method in which new caulking material is applied on top.
We will take responsibility for diagnosing which repair method is best.