Bio high pressure cleaning

We pay special attention not only to the paint but also to the base treatment

The secret to making your paint last longer: Bio-high pressure washing

Exterior walls get dirty due to various external factors. What will happen if you paint over them without completely removing the dirt?

Cleaning methods for different building materials


If the roots of mold have penetrated into the paint, it may not be possible to remove it completely. If you try to remove it by force using a high-pressure washer, the paint film may peel off or be scraped off, so be careful.


If the chalking is severe, the paint may peel off if it is not cleaned thoroughly. This is because the chalked powder blocks the paint from adhering.

●Accessory Parts

In addition to the exterior walls, it is not uncommon to find mold on aluminum sashes. This can be cleaned with a high-pressure washer, so have it cleaned together with the exterior walls.