Our company renovates existing buildings, focusing on the exterior and interior design of buildings and homes, to create ideal homes that meet the needs of our customers.
Our design remodeling service provides proposals tailored to customer needs, including building exterior design, interior design, furniture and lighting proposals.
We also provide services that minimize the burden on our customers, such as providing cost-cutting measures and shortening the renovation period.

About renovation

From design to renovation,

You can improve the appearance of your building's exterior and interior.

For example, by introducing new colors, materials, wallpaper, furniture, etc.

You can change the impression of your building.

Construction example

A home is not just a “space”;

of the people living there

It has a big impact on the "comfort" and "ease of living."

We carry out renovations according to the needs of our customers,

Creating a more comfortable and comfortable space,

We aim to support our customers' lives.

Process of request

We carefully listen to customer requests,
Depending on the content,
We will suggest the most suitable plan.
We make proposals tailored to our customers,
We will have repeated meetings until we are satisfied.
Additionally, during the construction period,
We value communication with our customers,
We will make changes and corrections to the construction details as necessary.