Remove all dirt with a high pressure washer!

Good morning.

Do you know the most important step in exterior wall painting?


This is the base preparation that needs to be done before painting the exterior walls!


One of them is

High pressure washing!

A single wash with water will not remove all the dirt!

Remove all dirt by washing three times!



The advantage of high-pressure washing is that it allows the paint to adhere better to the exterior wall material when painting, so the beauty of your home lasts longer!

70% of dirt on exterior walls is caused by germs such as mold and moss.

There is no point in just removing the visible dirt! !

If you don't wash off all the dirt on the exterior walls, it will come off immediately, no matter how good the paint you use.


When you get injured, it's no use to put a bandage on it without washing off the bacteria and mold...

It's the same thing.


When painting, be sure to check the "surface preparation" item in the estimate carefully!