Key points for choosing a contractor

We generally recommend getting comparative quotations for exterior wall renovations. This is because proposal methods and prices vary depending on the contractor.
By getting quotes from several companies, you can understand the going rate and painting work, which will also help prevent any problems later on.

The most common problems people have with regard to remodeling detached houses are as follows:

 ●Cracks in exterior walls and foundations (21.6%)
 ●Leaks in roofs, exterior walls, etc. (14.7%)
 ●Insufficient performance of equipment, openings, fixtures, etc. (13.5%)
 ●Deformation of floors, openings, fixtures, etc. (11.0%)
 ●Peeling of exterior walls and interior decoration (9.9%)


It is as follows.

Possible causes of trouble

●Choosing a contractor based solely on cost

Exterior wall renovation is not a cheap purchase, so you want to keep costs down as much as possible.
However, cheap is not always the best option. Make sure you listen carefully to the explanation of the work before making a decision.

●I was pressured into signing a contract, so I did.

There are many cases where door-to-door salesmen have pressured people into signing contracts by saying things like, "If you sign the contract now, we'll give you a discount." Door-to-door salesmen are not necessarily unscrupulous businesses, but you should be careful of businesses that use various methods to persistently pressure you.

●Poor construction

There are many cases where the paint film begins to peel or float, even though only a short time has passed since the painting.
Many of these problems occur when the paint film does not adhere properly to the exterior wall, and most are caused by poor construction.
Other causes include improper surface preparation (insufficient cleaning or preparation of the base) or not applying the correct amount of paint.

Intermediate MarginIf you ask a construction company or a major house manufacturer,Paint shops are subcontractorsThis is the position that tends to result in profits being compressed.
This means that construction work is forced to be carried out under harsh conditions, which leads to shoddy work.
It may be difficult to make a judgment based on the contents of the estimate alone, but be sure to check carefully what type of work will be done to avoid this.

Three points to prevent problems

Choosing the right contractor is important to avoid problems like those mentioned above.
There are a few things to consider, but the first things to keep in mind are:

POINT1<Field survey>

To make an accurate estimate, a site inspection is necessary. Even if you ask them to inspect your roof, the criteria for judgment are whether they use a camera or climb up on it. Some companies will prepare an inspection report and explain the condition of your home in an easy-to-understand manner.

POINT2<Estimate details>

The way estimates are written varies from contractor to contractor. Look for details, clarity, whether the square meters are properly calculated, how many coats are applied, and what paints are used, etc.

POINT3<After-sales support>

In case something does go wrong, after-sales support is also important. It is a good idea to ask about the warranty period and other details.

To ensure that our customers can entrust their work to us with peace of mind, at Nukawaeru we handle each step carefully and with attention to detail, from proper on-site surveys to creating estimates, construction, and aftercare.